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Date    : Wed, 10 Jun 2011 13:40:22 +0000
From    : Spegg (spegg@SATMail)
To      : Wayne Robertson (wrobertson@SATMail)
Subject : Get Your Ass Back Here, Chikushou!


You really fucked things up for those sailors, Wayne. Well done.

I built a satellite receiver and I’ve been watching the coverage of your rampage on Japanese television. Captain Moriyama went into gruesome detail about how you sliced his crew to ribbons with a fucking Samurai sword.

That pleased me greatly.

However, Moriyama also mentioned that during the time you held him prisoner you spoke to people who weren’t there. People who were helping you: someone named Yumi, and another called “Supegu” (sic). That was fun to hear. However, this news can only mean that the Lilith has been tormenting you. I am sorry for that. I have not been spared, myself. I have had vicious arguments with a Wayne-like apparition on more nights than I care to remember. I see others, including the son of a bitch who tried to kill me on the Shinkai Maru 5, but I’ve learned to ignore them. Such is the curse of the Lilith.

Please know that this will all be over when we are reunited. Have faith and be strong.

I have many stories to convey to you, as much has happened in such a short time. Our abductors were strong, but not enough. The other LMOs fought with great courage and no mercy. Many fell, but those who survived I dispatched to the corners of the Earth. They will deliver our message to those who remain.

A new plan is in motion that will pave the way for your long journey home. You will know it when it comes.

It is cold here. The middle of winter. But I’ve been fixing the place up. You might not even recognize it.

Goodbye for now, Brother

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