Outside In

I’m bored. I try to tell Wayne that we should go but he says not yet. Not dark enough.

The rocks are flat and round on the shore. I can’t pick them up.

There’s nothing to do.

I sit on a rotten board and wait. A tugboat goes by.


It’s dark now. He’s ready.

There’s a road ahead and a big building. We run like crazy and I’m running so fast I think my legs are going to fly off!

We hide in the shadows and it’s fun. Like a game. A business man walks right by us and doesn’t even see us!

We’re at a building where people live.

In a window an old man eats from a bowl with chopsticks. The TV is on and Wayne is on it! Then just a lot of people talking.

Wayne tries on clothes that are hanging outside the man’s window. He complains that they’re too tight.

Now we’re in someone’s apartment. Wayne is eating chicken and drinking beer. After that he finds some sweat pants and a sweatshirt that fits him “O.K.”

He’s wearing sandals. Then he shaves off all the hair on his head and face. He says Japanese razors are too small.

I make a big ball out of the hair while he’s on the phone.

When Telders gets here I want you to go inside out.

That’s what he says.