The Thing

thethingI was up all night attending the computers, so I didn’t get much sleep. There are more DVDs at this station than bacon, so I kept myself “entertained” by watching John Carpenter’s The Thing. A word of advice: if you’re all alone in the middle of Antarctica in some dark research station just a few hundred miles from the location of events which occurred in the movie “The Thing”, DON’T ACTUALLY WATCH THE MOVIE, “The Thing”. Because like me, it will scare the holy crap out of you. I ran to the windows more than a few times after hearing strange noises, half-expecting Kurt Russell’s disembodied head to be slithering around the camp on sprouted alien tentacles, searching for a new host.

In other news, the Array is almost ready to come back online. After boot, I’ll do some test scans and hopefully we can get back to work this afternoon.