Woke up dead

Another dream…
I was lying at the bottom of the sea, supine, in a bed of snow covered coral. Hundreds of grotesque fish with human limbs and long, squid-like tentacles circled above, occasionally darting toward me, then retreating. With each pass they gained more and more courage, inching closer and closer. I struggled to move but the ocean pressed down. One of the fish shot forward, within inches of my face. It stopped and stared, then bared its teeth. I screamed, a column of air bubbles gurgling out of my mouth. The fish grinned a savage, wretched smile of satisfaction, one corner of its mouth bending around the side of its body, upward toward its drooping, misshapen eye, and the other splitting into twisted gills that pulsed and ballooned irregularly as it breathed. Suddenly it lurched forward and took a chunk out of my face, then darted away. I howled as my blood filled the water, and they all attacked.

I awoke with a start, outside on the ice field, supine, my face numb and covered with snow. I rolled onto my stomach and got to my knees, a sheet of powder sliding from my chest. I brushed off the rest. A smattering of bullet holes riddled my jacket. I fingered them uneasily but they only led to solid flesh. I exhaled and sat back into the fresh powder.

To my right was the trench I had dug, the detonator buried under the snow. I checked my watch: 18:57:57.

24 hours had passed. In the other world I was dead. The rift was closed.