Extreme prejudice

The Array received the following transmission along with 6 other repeated messages this evening, and it just hit me. The fact that the messages are repeating may not mean anything at all. I’m guessing that if the pilot is intentionally transmitting these messages backward through time, it would make more sense to transmit the signal to numerous points in time instead of one tiny moment in time on one thin frequency.

I’m also assuming that because the ship, in its current predicament, would obviously need to conserve resources, that the technology to transmit through time takes very little or no power. It is well known that broadband transmissions consume an enormous amount of energy, and that may explain the narrow frequency on which these transmissions have been arriving.

Not a lot of new information in this message, except for what appears to be a growing level of urgency. Who knew fish could be so dangerous?

14DEC2009185709NZST RA12h42m36.9s,DE-11°19′35″
As Acting Captain of his host ship the Shinkai Maru 5, I authorize any authorities, security details, or bounty hunters to incarcerate the Transgenic Fish/Humanoid known as Spegg on sight. He is a ship deserter, as well as a violent, deranged saboteur. If capture or incarceration appear difficult, I authorize you to dissolve him with extreme prejudice. [Communication sent: 03DEC2185 Shinkai Maru 5]