Back at 151 now. I’ve re-established communication between the Array and the server and continued to scan the source. At 18:57:09 I received three additional transmissions: two duplicates of previous transmissions, and a new message, which is timestamped December 1st, 2185. The entire message is as follows: “GET BURST, SPEGG!”. I have no idea what this could mean.

I have received a total of 4 messages now, not including the original “ネ” message, which appears to be garbage data. I’ve not yet compared the spectral analysis of the original “ネ” message to any of the others.

I’ve created a new page which contains all messages received thus far, decoded and presented in the most complete form possible. This page can be found here: Transmissions.

Three of the four messages are dated 176 years in the future, and the other is truncated. Whether these dates are authentic or not, I do not know. However, judging by the content, it appears the transmissions are mostly S.O.S. calls from a pilot named Maxim Akihiko Broussad, who is most likely not alien, but an Earth born human, lost somewhere in space . The pilot refers to his spacecraft as the “Shinkai Maru 5.” A quick internet search yields that “shinkai” means “deep sea” in Japanese, and is a common name for that country’s sailing vessels. Given this, and the fact that the pilot is reporting a supermassive black hole in his proximity, lends more weight to the authenticity of the timestamp accompanying the messages, and may (theoretically) provide a vehicle for the message to travel backward through time, though that kind of science is far out of my league.

Broussad also refers to something called an “LMO” aboard his ship which suffered some kind of violent mental collapse, and may have been the reason for his current predicament. I’m guessing an LMO is some kind of artificial life form, probably a robot or cybernetic organism of some kind.

This is all the information I have for now. Buzz is growling at me, which reminds me that I have not fed him (or myself) for far too long. Also, I’ve punched the snooze button on my biological clock more times than I can count, and my eyes feel like flaming grapefruits. Must eat something and sleep as soon as possible. More tomorrow.