Trouble come down

I just received a call from Telders. It’s been two weeks since he and his team completed work on the station and left me here for a six month contract to initialize and test the Array. Station151 is a privately owned astronomical radio observatory, and once I’ve completed my contract, the organization which owns the station plans to sell time on the Array to whomever is willing to pay what will probably be a fairly hefty price. Apparently, one of those clients may be a team of American astrophysicists currently in residence at McMurdo station on Ross Island. And Telders just called to let me know they’d be dropping by on Wednesday to evaluate the Array and have a look at the data I’ve collected so far. Wonderful.

I conveniently forgot to mention to Telders that I’ve done almost no real work in the last two weeks, due to the fact that I’ve been tracking what appears to be a radio transmission from a lost astronaut, some 176 years in the future, broadcasting distress signals from a distance of 200+ megaparsecs somewhere near a supermassive black hole. Oh, and that the pilot seems rather agitated that his cyborg or robot companion went mental, sabotaged the ship, blasted off in an escape pod, and is probably eager to do violence to whomever it encounters.

And I have no intention to tell him, or anyone else any of this any time soon. I’ve got a serious amount of data to forge before our friends arrive.