Speggy is going to send another transmission today at 18:57:09!

He said that if he can get a message to the other pods that he saw orbiting the black hole, that he may be able to guide them over the event horizon and bring them to Antarctica! He said that each pod probably contains another Spegg just like him. He said that they are “his people” and its time to “bring them home.” There are probably hundreds of pods out there, he thinks, maybe more—maybe an infinite number of them!

Oh man, I bet Buzz is gonna go insane if a bunch of new Speggs show up. I tried to go outside to find him, but Spegg stopped me and said that outside was “out of bounds.” I haven’t been out in I don’t know how long. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing for the last few days. Shit, I’ve got to stop this. Spegg is going to use the array to contact an army of transgenics and bring them to present day Earth? I’ll blow this goddamn station to hell before that happens.

Oh! I’m getting hungry again!! I wonder if Spegg likes cheese?