I can’t think of a good title for this post!!!!!!!

Spegg told me that before he came here he was orbiting a large black hole and that he actually intercepted the “Spegg” signal I sent out from dish #20!  WeIrD!!

And you know what is even weirder? He said that from his ship he detected many other ships exactly like his own orbiting the same black hole. He thinks there was some kind of space/time disturbance caused by the black hole. That reminded me about Dr. Alfieri and the crazy rift in space/time here in Antarctica and when I told him about it, and how everything always happened 18:57:09, he scratched his fishy chin and called it a “sign”. I asked him what kind of sign and he just grinned and said, “a good sign.” (haha, what is that)?

Oh! I also showed Spegg all the transmissions I received from the Shinkai Maru 5 but when I asked him about Maxim Akihiko Broussad, he got real quiet. I think he’s mad!! =O  (he should take some of this pink stuff!)