Over easy

I don’t know what the hell Spegg injected me with, but I’ve never felt anything like it. I don’t feel drowsy or out if my mind; I feel quite normal, actually. But in the event that I experience any kind of aggression, disturbance, or distress, my thoughts and emotions are gently replaced with a momentary, but overwhelming, wonderful state of bliss. So wonderful in fact, that I’ve caught myself trying to get upset just so I can feel it again.

As we were walking down to the water this morning (Spegg refused to ride the snow machines) I asked him to say something insulting to me, like that “chikushou” word he always says, but he just sniffed and ignored me. I hate to be ignored ;)  Ahhh.

At the shore we planted the marvelous egg in about six inches of chilly mud and then I chased the penguins around until Spegg told me we had to go back. He says we will find his people soon. I can’t wait to meet them! We’re going to see a black hole!!