Strange reunion

I didn’t see it before, but it is clear now.

I’ve encountered a ghostly Buzz three times today. The first time in the tech core, another time in the kitchen, and once in the rec room. Each time he just stared at me, head cocked, then vanished moments later.

Another dimensional rift has opened. And it’s a direct result of the transmission Spegg sent yesterday. Just as it was the day after I sent the first transmission when the team from McMurdo vanished before my eyes.

And tonight, at 18:57, a very solid Buzz appeared in the office and jumped into my lap, slathering my face with wet kisses.

But it wasn’t Buzz. Not exactly. He was thinner than he should be, his eyes smaller, and sported a deep black stripe that ran from the top of his head and thinned out and lightened across his back. But he seemed to know me and I played it cool, scratching his chin and holding him for the 60 seconds that he remained. Then he began to fade, with a chorus of frantic whimpers, and suddenly my arms were empty.

Moments later Spegg stormed in, sniffing the air like a goddamn animal, and I felt the tingling of the pink serum kicking in.