Last chance

I have no idea if the group from McMurdo is still at Station151 or if they have returned to their base, but you can bet the area will be crawling with security teams in the next 24 hours.

So, I am going to attempt to sneak down to the Array before 18:57:09 to do another experiment. It could be my last chance. The ARC terminal may be wasted, but I believe I can still operate a single dish from my laptop. That may be enough to pick up a few new messages and get a single transmission out.

I am guessing that the pilot of the ship who has been transmitting messages into the past probably has the ability to receive messages from the past as well. So, even though he may be 650 million LY from Earth and 167 years into the future, if he’s scanning all frequencies throughout time, he should be able to receive my message.

After having at least a week to consider it, I’ve decided to send one and only one word in my transmission: “SPEGG”. I think that will be enough to get the pilot’s attention.

If I am caught, this will be my last entry. Hopefully someone will find this and continue my work. Godspeed.