The Big Idea

Two nights ago J&B and I had a Big Idea. We decided that Station151 was too small for a big, fancy research team, so we made friends with a bucket of gas and a strike anywhere match, and melted the ARC terminal down to the ice.

ARC terminals are responsible for synchronizing radio telescopes, facilitating their communication, and relaying interferometry to software for analysis. But when all that turns into magic smoke and floats away, geeky astrophysicists apparently get fussy and want to do all kinds of mean things to the guy they found passed out next to the charred remains of said ARC terminal.

OK, so maybe not my brightest moment. But the good news is that I’ve escaped from their little makeshift prison, rescued my laptop, some bacon, and disappeared myself. I’m currently writing this from a nearby hut built in 1911 by a team of Norwegian explorers. There are some basic supplies inside, but I won’t last long out here.

Old supplies in the hut