Ouroboros And The Wolf

It was both instantaneous and eternal. The ends of time rolled up swallowed each other and shorted out. There was no warmth for the cold to freeze, no space for the things to shrink… but the cold kept on coming, and the things kept on collapsing. That was the end, and the beginning, where everything that is, or ever was, or would be, converged. There are no words for it. It is no words and all words–all and nothing. A single, perfect absence.

And that was it….

Until it wasn’t.

Something gave, something out of nowhere: a slight, infinitesimal breath. A moment, an idea. A Word.

Then Everything boiled over.

Life took hold and yanked me free of the void. Stretched out through my body and mind, reinventing memories and pathways. A tone filled my ears, suddenly pitching up, as if some electronic device had raged to life. From out of that complete and whole darkness, a bright, white light struck my eyes.

A rough voice shattered the stillness. “That’s long enough.”

Color slid in from my periphery. Earth tones. Wood and stone. Iron. Wooden planks. Rusted cans with weathered labels.

A familiar face ebbed into view. A gray, oblong face. Teeth. And those eyes. Those, massive, terrible, monstrous eyes.

I gasped.

“Hello, Chikushou.”