Praise for Station151

“Can I just say that is this some of the most fun & engaging #webfiction I’ve found”


“Lovely Antarctic scifi”

“That’s good stuff.”

“Clever and imaginative.”

-Denise Osmon Malinowski
“Have been enjoying this. Great work. Do the Screenplay!”

“I’m really enjoying this!”

“Seriously, I just spent my entire evening reading this! Fantastic!”

“Mmmmm. Robot doctors and a side of bacon. I love it!”

-Sarah Bateman
“Luv this!”

-Theresa Santy
“I’m liking that enormously!”

-Ellie Ursula Halton
“Genius work.”

-Steve Scearce
“Excellent :)”

-Jim Blalock
“Woo hooo!”

-David Reis
“Solid and interesting”

-Linda Schoales (
“This blogfic stands out to me because ā€” despite its premise ā€” it feels so real.”

-A.M. Harte (
“Iā€™m really loving this story!”

-Doug Talley

-Caleb D. Polachek
“This is brilliant!!!”

-Lorenza Morris